Article sections

    Step 1:

    Choose “Create a new Reveal account”

    Step 2: 

    Your store domain should be already pre-filled

    Step 3:

    To continue, click on “Create my account”

    Step 4:

    Install the app

    Step 5:

    Decide if you wish to treat purchases using the same email address as one customer, and set your average shop margin

    Step 6:

    Your data (customers, collections, products, orders) is getting ready to be exported into Revea

    Step 7:

    At this point, you should have received your Reveal invitation on email. We have sent the invitation to the email address provided in your Shopify Store under Settings > General > Store details > Account email. Follow the instructions received on your email.

    Step 8:

    As you can see, your integration is ready

    Step 9:

    Log into your account with the email address (as provided in step 7) and the password set after following the invitation received on your email. 

    Step 10:

    After you log into Reveal, make sure all your order statuses are mapped. This can be done by following some simple steps:

    • Open the Shop menu and choose the “Settings” section
    • In your Shop Settings, choose “Configure” in the “Order Status Mapping” section
    • Make sure there is no “unmapped” status in the “Reveal’s Status” column and “Save” your changes