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    Step 1:

    Choose “Connect your existing Reveal account”

    Step 2:

    Fill in the required information

    Reveal API key:

    • In your Reveal account, go to Shop Settings > Access Control > Configure
    • If you don’t have a Shopify API key created yet, click on “Add new API key”
    • Add “Shopify” as the name for your API key and click on “Generate the API key”
    • When you are back in API Keys listing, click on the eye icon ( in order to uncover your API key, copy its content and paste it into the “Reveal API key” field in Reveal by Omniconvert Shopify app

    Reveal Unique is represented by the unique id assigned to your shop. You can find it right in the URL address bar, e.g. “”, the Reveal unique in this case is “abcdef”.

    Step 3:

    After all fields have been filled in with the correct information, click on “Connect my account”

    Step 4:

    Your store domain should be already pre-filled

    Step 5:

    Install app

    Step 6:

    Decide if you wish to treat purchases using the same email address as one customer, and set your average shop margin

    Step 7:

    Your data (customers, collections, products, orders) is getting ready to be exported into Reveal

    Step 8:

    As you can see, your integration is ready

    Step 9:

    Log into your Reveal account and make sure all your order statuses are mapped. This can be done by following some simple steps:

    • Open the Shop menu and choose the “Settings” section
    • In your Shop Settings, choose “Configure” in the “Order Status Mapping” section
    • Make sure there is no “unmapped” status in the “Reveal’s Status” column and “Save” your changes