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    With Omniconvert you can create and track two different types of goals: pageview and custom goals (sale, click, mouseover, etc).

    Pageview goals

    The page view goals allow you to track how many people viewed a
    particular web page.

    It is very simple to create and track one since you don’t need any kind of technical integration.

    In order to create a page view goal, go to the left main menu and select Goals. Click on New Goal and the following window will appear:

    All you have to do is enter a goal name, select the goal type to be Pageview, select the condition from the list and enter the URL on which you want to track the visits.

    Custom goals

    A custom goal is a goal that can be triggered wherever you want but needs explicit integration.

    Every time you create a new custom goal, a javascript snippet of code is generated.

    After naming your goal, click ‘Save’ and wait for the snippet of code to be generated.

    How to integrate a custom goal?

    The conversion tracking code looks like the one below and can be integrated into any known JavaScript event, such as on-click, on-load, on-mouse-over, on-mouse-out, on-focus etc.

    This is how a snippet of code for a goal implementation looks like:

    • NAME – the name of the goal, as Omniconvert defines it (in the above example, ‘custom-one’).
    • VALUE – its numeric value. Some goals are selling goals, so it is necessary that this parameter receives the value of the conversion (in a 12345.67 format, without a currency attached). If the conversion is void of value, the number is 0.

    Good to know

    • A page allows as many goals as needed. You can set up different goals, on different elements, on the same page.
    • The general tracking code must be installed on each page where the conversion code is used.
    • The parameter VALUE accepts negative numeric values.
    • Each Custom goal you create will be automatically saved in the ‘Goals’ section so you can later use it in different experiments.
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